Are there side effects of taking collagen?

Are there side effects of taking collagen?

Are there side effects of taking collagen?

Collagen is our multi-benefit solution for firm skin, thick hair and strong nails – but like any new addition to your routine, it’s important to familiarise yourself with potential side effects.

Much of our VG community find marine collagen universally beneficial and easy to take. And, we pride ourselves on our science-backed formula and high safety and quality standards. We work closely with our technical team and manufactures to deliver an enjoyable and efficacious ingestible beauty experience.

If you’re concerned about the side effects of collagen supplementation, this is what to expect – and what not to expect – when you start taking Natural Marine Collagen.

What are the side effects of taking collagen? 

Collagen supplementation is well-studied and well tolerated. It’s perfectly safe for daily consumption. There are a few mild and rare side effects to be conscious of. If you stay within Vida Glow’s daily recommended dosage – between one and three three-gram serves – a reaction is unlikely and should dissipate after discontinuing supplementation.

Can collagen cause acne? 

Acne is not a commonly reported side effect of Natural Marine Collagen.

While marine collagen supplementation stimulates collagen for anti-ageing benefits, it also supports skin health by improving hydration, regeneration and elasticity. Skin feels plump and balanced, and some of our community even see an improvement in the texture of their skin.

We understand acne can be emotional and frustrating. So it’s best to speak with a medical professional if you’re concerned about your acne – and how your skin might react to marine collagen supplementation.

Does collagen make you gain weight?

Collagen supplementation shouldn’t make you gain weight. Collagen is a protein peptide, so you might experience a decreased appetite during supplementation.

If you’d like to learn more about the nutritional information of Vida Glow’s flavoured sachets, visit the webpage of your desired flavour and scroll down to our ‘Active Ingredients’ section or get in touch at for further information.

Do collagen supplements interact with medications?

Collagen supplements aren’t known to interact with medications.

To learn more about how collagen may interact with your skincare routine, medication and health concerns, we recommend speaking to a health professional before beginning supplementation.

Can collagen cause stomach upset?

Collagen supplementation is well tolerated – but may cause an upset stomach in some.

If you supplement beyond the recommended dosage of 10 grams a day, you could experience temporary gastrointestinal upset. 

Does collagen have an aftertaste?

For those who are new to supplementation or have a sensitive palate, you may notice a slight aftertaste or smell for 30 minutes after supplementation.

If that’s the case, we suggest stirring Vida Glow into a flavoured drink – like a juice, tea or coffee – or trying one of our fruity sachets in still water for naturally sweet supplementation.

Can you be allergic to collagen?

Yes – one abnormal response is hypersensitivity or a skin rash.

Unless you’re allergic to fish, this reaction isn’t serious and should subside after stopping supplementation. If these symptoms persist, please seek advice and treatment from a medical professional.

As a pure and potent peptide powder, collagen is safe to supplement. While possible, the side effects of collagen are uncommon and mild. So healthy individuals with no known allergies to fish should experience safe and effective supplementation with Natural Marine Collagen.


If you decide to try collagen, start with one daily serve. See how your skin and body adjust to your new routine and gradually increase your intake to two or three serves for enhanced results. And after 12 weeks, you should expect naturally firmer skin, stronger nails and thicker hair

Ready to learn more about Natural Marine Collagen? Find everything you need to know about your new marine collagen routine here.



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