Our Story

Vida Glow is designed for real, active people. Busy, messy living that doesn’t have time for superficial beauty or complicated regimes. We specialise in active beauty solutions and scientifically formulated ingestible supplements.

Founded in 2014, Vida Glow’s success has been built on our hero Natural Marine Collagen range – a clinically proven peptide powder that stimulates collagen production. Our priority has always been to create powerful, effective and easy-to-adopt products. So your beauty routine works as hard as you do.

Our Products

Made for you

We create effective and holistic beauty routines designed to support you every day – at every age. This is real beauty for real life.

Active Ingredients

We use only the most bioavailable active ingredients proven to deliver visible results. All of our ingredients meet the highest quality standards for purity.

Backed by Science

Driven by efficacy and innovation, we utilise clinical data and cutting-edge technology to deliver scientifically formulated products that work.

Our Mission

At Vida Glow, we aspire to have an impact on peoples lives through innovative beauty and wellness solutions.

Our aim is, and always will be, to empower you so you can enrich your life with a little extra glow.

A Message from our Founder

Anna Lahey

“Vida Glow is designed for real people and real life. My vision is for Vida Glow to be part of your routine every day, every step of the way.”

Vida Glow is, quite simply, my passion. Everything from the brand’s beginnings, its philosophy and scientific innovation reflect my personal drive for helping people discover real results.

My own introduction to ingestible beauty was completely transformative. After suffering from hair loss and trying every supplement available, I only achieved tangible, long-lasting results from marine collagen.

Collagen supplementation didn’t just transform my hair, skin and nails. It changed my lifestyle, diet and outlook on holistic, healthy living. This formative personal experience ignited my passion and I created Vida Glow to share the real power of ingestible beauty.

The ability to impact people's lives is something I don't take for granted. It’s always a 'pinch me' moment when I hear about the positive changes our products are having on people's health and beauty.