Jocelyn Petroni

Renowned for unrivalled client care and meticulous attention to detail, Jocelyn Petroni is one of the leading premium beauty experts in Australia. Specialising in treatments that combine classically proven methods with innovative techniques and a unique brand of holistic skin and nail artistry, Jocelyn has earned a devoted and high-profile clientele.

While studying at The Strand College of Beauty Therapy, Jocelyn honed her meticulous attention to detail and passion for holistic, results-based treatments. Gaining experience at the Steiner Training Academy in the UK as well learning dynamic therapeutic techniques including Lymphatic Drainage, Shiatsu Massage and Reiki, has ensured her a reputation as one of Australia’s true innovators when it comes to beauty. An esteemed Vida Glow Skin Professional, Jocelyn is a glowing example of the power of holistic beauty.

Q & A
I am deeply passionate about making women feel radiant and glowing inside and out.

How do you keep your own skin glowing?

Your individual skin concerns and conditions are as unique as your fingerprint, a personalised approach must be taken when it comes to seeking results for your skin. Because our skin is continually changing our skincare routine must also evolve to maintain optimal skin health and radiance. I am always trying and testing new products to market to seek topical applications that deliver real results. I am continually learning about my own skin and the science of the skin to achieve glowing and radiant skin. Education is key!


What is the one skincare rule you wish everyone followed?

A preventative approach is so important for healthy skin. Lifestyle choices directly impact the quality of skin, and that includes what goes into it. Cold showers increase circulation, meditation lowers cortisol levels, exercise improves cellular communication, the healing power of touch and connecting with yourself all contribute to how your skin looks and feels.


How has becoming a mum changed your attitude towards your beauty regime? What does your daily routine look like?

As a mother, it is important to me to sustain looking after myself, which includes my skincare routine. I enjoy my beauty rituals and taking the time to connect to myself every day and feel good. My skin has dramatically changed during pregnancy and I am looking forward to treating my new skin concerns, like pigmentation in the coming months.

Supplements are also essential in a healthy diet that focuses on optimal skin and nail health, which includes supporting optimal collagen production and giving your skin a good hydration soak. Vida Glow Marine Collagen is easily added to a daily glass of water - I have mine as part of my morning ritual whilst breastfeeding my baby, Georgia.


What visible results can you expect when consistently taking collagen?

Hydrolysed Marine Collagen works because it actually reinforces and thickens the deepest skin layers. It increases proliferation and density of fibroblast cells in the dermis, which strengthens the structural integrity of skin, increases hydration and plumps fine lines.


What role do diet and ingestibles play in maintaining healthy, strong and shiny nails?

Support healthy nail growth with topically applied products and by eating a rainbow of fruit and vegetables. A key mineral for nails is silica, which is literally like ‘cell cement’ and helps nails to grow faster and be more resistant. It is found in vegetables, prunes, whole cereals and garlic.

Marine collagen has benefits beyond skin too. Hydrolysed Marine Collagen improves the quality of weak, brittle and damaged nails by making them stronger and shinier. I have seen a dramatic improvement in the condition of my client’s skin and nails.


What is your opinion on the growth of the ingestible beauty market and do you see this becoming a staple part to your clients’ beauty routine?

Innovation and technology in skin health is not just about machines, it’s about science and how we use that to better understand our skin. With any product, you should be calling upon scientific results and ask to see the research, read the information and make decisions based on facts. The combination of science and the results that clients are seeing from ingestible beauty has revolutionised the everyday beauty routine.