The PhD Scientist Who Insists on Clinically Proven Ingredients

The PhD Scientist Who Insists on Clinically Proven Ingredients

The PhD Scientist Who Insists on Clinically Proven Ingredients

Introducing The Glow Series where we talk to real people about the beautiful intricacies of life and how they stay glowing through it all.


This week, we’re sharing an insight into the life of Dr Michele Squire, a PhD scientist with a love for clinically proven ingredients and a member of the Vida Glow Skin Professional Panel. With over 17 years of skincare science research under her belt, Michele is a passionate consumer advocate who uses her platform to educate, separating beauty fact from fiction, and drive the positive conversation around ageing. In Volume 3 of The Glow Series, Michele reveals the key elements that allow her to live brilliantly whilst helping others to do the same.


As a PhD Scientist with more than 17 years Industry, why did you choose skincare science as your area of focus?

M: Skincare is a big business, and one that is constantly evolving. There are an enormous variety of skincare products available, each promising different (and oftentimes miraculous) results. New products and ingredients appear on shelves almost daily. As a consumer, I was spending a fortune on products, without getting the results I was after. I realised I wasn’t alone.

As someone who is trained in the rigour of the scientific method, I began investigating the research underpinning products and ingredients; teasing out the pseudoscience from what actually works. Once I began to understand the difference between hearsay-based and evidence-based skincare, the results I had been searching for started happening!

Michele Squire - Vida Glow


Why did you start your personalised skincare consultancy business, QR8?

M: I started Qr8 so consumers could access independent and objective advice about a skincare routine that will work for their skin, based on scientific evidence and clinically proven ingredients, not marketing.

How has your own beauty regimen evolved over time?

M: People are generally surprised at how simple my regimen is, but it wasn’t always like that! I too, have fallen into the trap of more is more, and trying every new thing on the block. These days I’m focused on fewer, but evidence-based, products that get results, and a deep understanding of how to manage other factors (lifestyle, diet, sun exposure, exercise, nutricosmetics) that positively and negatively influence skin physiology.

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How important is diet and lifestyle to the appearance of our skin?

M: Great skin isn’t just about what you put ON it – it’s an inside job too. I start all my consults with questions about lifestyle issues – stress, diet, smoking, sleep. These all impact skin quality.

What does your ingestible beauty routine look like?

M: Being the skincare minimalist that I am (and working long hours), I don’t bother with anything fancy. The Blueberry flavoured Vida Glow Marine Collagen powder has pride of place on my desk and I just dissolve 1 scoop in a glass of water 3 times/day. Because of its small molecular weight, it dissolves completely and is delicious as a stand-alone drink.

Michele Squire - Vida Glow


What are your top tips for ageing naturally?

M: It sounds clichéd, but embracing the changes that come with age (there are a lot of good ones) instead of railing against them, is a game-changer. But I’m not suggesting a ‘do nothing’ approach! There are many future-proofing strategies (skincare, lifestyle factors, diet, exercise) that positively impact your skin, keeping it healthy and functioning optimally, regardless of age.

What is your opinion on nutricosmetics and do you see it becoming a staple of your clients’ skincare routines?

M: I believe our enthusiasm for nutricosmetics (ingestible products with beauty benefits) will expand as the boundaries between wellness and beauty continue to blur and ‘beauty as an inside job’ takes off. For example, there is a huge research effort currently targeted towards unravelling the secrets of our skin microbiome, and how we can manipulate it to improve skin health and quality.

I hope the result of this research will be scientific data supporting the benefits, dosages and specific types of ingredients that underpin effective nutricosmetics, allowing consumers to make choices, and get results, based on evidence.