When should I start taking collagen?

When should I start taking collagen?

When should I start taking collagen?

There’s plenty to be read about the transformational benefits of marine collagen – but when should you start your ingestible beauty routine?

If you’re wondering ‘when should I start taking collagen?’ and what benefits a marine collagen supplement holds for you, we’re breaking down the science of the natural ageing process to find out just that.

Keep reading to discover when collagen starts to decline, collagen deficiency symptoms and at what age you should start using collagen for the best results.

When does collagen start to decline?

From our mid-twenties, our collagen starts to decline as part of the natural ageing process.

Environmental and lifestyle stressors play a part too. When our body and skin are exposed to inflammation and free radicals – and don’t have the vitamins and minerals they need to regenerate, courtesy of unbalanced, on-the-go diets – our collagen degrades, and its production starts to slow sooner.

What collagen deficiency symptoms should I expect?

As we start to lose collagen, you can expect skin, hair and nails to show signs of ageing. For our skin, this looks like fine lines, wrinkles and a dehydrated, sagging complexion. As our hair turns grey and begins to fall more frequently, our stands become thinner and finer with a dry, porous texture. Our nails are also weaker, brittle and prone to breaking.

At what age can I start taking collagen?

For best results and maximum efficacy, adopt a preventative approach to your skincare routine. So start taking collagen from your mid-twenties or whenever you start to notice changes in your skin, hair and nails.

By delivering collagen peptides into the bloodstream, marine collagen supplements stimulate collagen production and top-up the body’s collagen reserves. For firm, glowing skin, reduced fine lines, thicker hair and stronger nails in weeks.

To create a consistent new routine, start with one daily three-gram sachet or scoop of Natural Marine Collagen. You will achieve visible results in as soon as four week and can increase your daily dose for enhanced benefits.

If you’re between 36-45 years of age, two daily servings will improve fine lines, weeks nails and thinner hair and support the natural ageing process.

Over the age of 46, take three daily serves to smooth deeper wrinkles, repair very fine hair and strengthen brittle nails. 


To start your ingestible beauty routine right it’s important to understand the natural ageing process.

By knowing what to expect, you can proactively treat your beauty concerns and support youthful skin, hair and nails with a collagen supplement. For clinically backed, visible results at any age.

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