Pick your Anti-G-Ox. Protect your glow.

Pick your Anti-G-Ox. Protect your glow.

Pick your Anti-G-Ox. Protect your glow.

Anti-G-Ox is the ingestible cornerstone of lasting, youthful skin.

In pairing skincare-inspired actives with the efficacy of ingestible beauty, Anti-G-Ox supports glowing, resilient skin – all while protecting cells from modern living. And, it does so in two natural, effervescent flavours.

By preventing extrinsic ageing and environmental damage, Anti-G-Ox enhances cellular repair and is the award-winning partner to marine collagen.

As the original Anti-G-Ox Citrus debuts in its sunny new sachets, get to know Anti-G-Ox’s protective powers and benefits for every ingestible beauty regimen.

Prevent premature ageing

Environmental stressors create the trifecta of premature ageing – inflammation, Advanced Glycation End products and oxidative stress. By undermining cell regeneration, extrinsic ageing factors like sun exposure, pollution, stress and poor sleep and diet accelerate the natural ageing process. Fine lines appear sooner, wrinkles deepen quicker, and skin has an uneven tone and texture. And there’s subtle changes too. The complexion is unbalanced and takes on a tired appearance. Skin is dehydrated and dull, puffy and prone to inflammation and blemishes.

Combining prevention and treatment, Anti-G-Ox is clinically studied to address premature ageing – and neutralise its causes. Unlike marine collagen which supplements and stimulates collagen production, Anti-G-Ox delivers essential antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to arm skin to protect and repair itself. On a cellular level, inflammation is soothed, cellular repair is optimised and skin is strengthened.

Tailor to your taste

Citrus is Anti-G-Ox’s original, zesty flavour – and it's now in Vida Glow’s vibrant new packaging. Anti-G-Ox Citrus is supercharged by a native Australian fruit, Kakadu Plum. Kakadu Plum is the world’s most potent source of vitamin C and contributes to Anti-G-Ox Citrus’ high vitamin C dosage and orange-like flavour.

Vida Glow Anti-G-Ox Powder
Vida Glow Anti-G-Ox Berry

For a naturally sweeter take on Anti-G-Ox’s benefits, try Berry. With a trio strawberry, raspberry and pomegranate powders and extracts, Anti-G-Ox Berry is fruity and uplifting –with the same sherbet-like satisfaction as the original.

As an effervescent powder, Anti-G-Ox is also efficient and effective in delivering actives, by by-passing digestion. When taken sublingually, under the tongue, the effervescent powder instantly dissolves in contact with moisture and is absorbed into the bloodstream within 15 to 20 minutes – for enjoyable and fast-acting modern skin defence.

Adopt double duty actives

With 10 universally beneficial actives, Anti-G-Ox is an all-rounder for ageing and stressed skin.

An antioxidant line-up of vitamin C, curcumin, vitamin E, niacinamide and zinc neutralise inflammation and prevent its cause, oxidative stress. By safely going above and beyond the daily intake of vitamin C, Anti-G-Ox is an effective ingestible treatment to support the body – and deliver skin-caring benefits.

Formulated with the addition of chromium and vitamin B6, Anti-G-Ox also supports healthy blood sugar levels and sugar metabolism. By minimising the formation of AGEs and resulting oxidative stress, skin is kept healthy and in-check.

Start your routine right

As a preventative step, take Anti-G-Ox straight on the tongue or in a glass of water in the morning. By creating a cellular shield against environmental stressors, the body and skin are set-up for the day – and cells, collagen and elastin are protected.

Depending on skin’s condition and lifestyle, Anti-G-Ox can be supplemented up to twice daily to enhance its benefits. Follow with tailored ingestible and topical treatments to suit your individual concerns.

Marine Collagen and Anti-G-Ox bundle

Make the most of marine collagen

The three root causes of premature ageing also damage collagen and slow its production – making Anti-G-Ox an essential partner to marine collagen. By preventing premature ageing and maintaining healthy cellular function, collagen and elastin are protected from extrinsic stressors. And because skin is regenerating regularly, it can utilise the full benefits of marine collagen supplementation and targeted ingestible and topical treatments too.

With the powerful prevention of Anti-G-Ox and its bright, fruity sensations, skin’s glow and repair is protected in one daily step.

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Anti-G-Ox Citrus

Reduces free radical damage to support skin tone and texture


Anti-G-Ox Berry

Reduces free radical damage to support skin tone and texture


Anti-Ageing Skin Essentials Citrus

Promotes glowing skin and reduces fine lines


Anti-Ageing Skin Essentials Berry

Promotes glowing skin and smoothes fine lines