How to revitalise your hair with marine collagen peptides

How to revitalise your hair with marine collagen peptides

How to revitalise your hair with marine collagen peptides

When hair loses it shine and natural volume, our automatic response is to refresh its at-home care with a complicated scalp, in-shower and post-wash routine. But there’s one essential step missing.

Marine collagen peptides are an ingestible treatment to enhance long, strong hair from within. So an effective and science-backed solution to damaged and dry hair starts in the dermis  deep below the scalp – with ingestible beauty

This is how to achieve full, high-shine hair with marine collagen peptides for hair growth.  

Is collagen good for hair?

Collagen is the building block of strong, healthy hair and plays a key role in hair follicle health. Hair follicles not only regulate the hair growth cycle, but they also work like an anchor to secure each strand of hair to skin.

What does collagen do for hair?

Ingestible beauty supplements like hydrolysed marine collagen powder address the causes of brittle and fine hair, rather than acting as a quick, feel-good fix. Instead, collagen has been shown to promote hair elongation, assist hair regeneration, improve hair health and strengthen hair follicles with consistent supplementation. 

Collagen works by surrounding each strand, keeping the connection to skin strong. Without this bond, hair becomes dull, fragile and sheds faster than it should. By creating a healthy environment for hair follicles through collagen supplementation, the foundations of hair are supported at the root.

Marine collagen also contains proline, an amino acid which can help prevent damage to follicles from free radicals, promote new hair growth and protect strands from breakage.

Supplementation with collagen peptides for hair also supports the production of keratin – the protein that gives hair and nails their structure and strength. By supplementing the scalp with proline and cysteine amino acids, hair’s smooth texture, elasticity and strength is restored.

How much collagen per day for hair growth?

Start your new routine by taking one sachet of collagen per day for hair growth. Once you have established a consistent routine and found your favourite flavour, you can increase your dosage to two or three sachet of marine collagen a day to enhance the benefits of collagen peptides for hair.  

What type of collagen is best for hair?

A hydrolysed marine collagen powder like Natural Marine Collagen is bioavailable, so it’s effectively absorbed and delivers visible results. Through a natural process called enzymatic hydrolysation, native marine collagen peptides are broken-down into bioavailable amino acids. This makes Vida Glow the best marine collagen peptides for maximum efficacy and visibly healthier, thicker hair.


Taking collagen peptides for hair is an easy, effective ingestible beauty step to add to your haircare routine. As a daily ingestible haircare and hair growth treatment, marine collagen peptides work synergistically to support thick and enviable hair from beyond the scalp. So you achieve maximum results and your dream hair.

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