The Antioxidant-Packed Punch Your Skin Needs to Fight Free Radicals

The Antioxidant-Packed Punch Your Skin Needs to Fight Free Radicals

The Antioxidant-Packed Punch Your Skin Needs to Fight Free Radicals

First things first, what are free radicals?

Let’s dive right in with a 101 in skincare chemistry.

Atoms make up everything – even our skin. As you may know, atoms are orbited by electrons. To be stable, to function, and to basically be happy, atoms need a certain number of electrons. However, precious electrons can be lost when atoms react with other atoms and go through structural changes. When this happens, atoms become unstable. And, Boom. Just like that, free radicals are born. Atoms crave stability, so these free radicals immediately set out to steal electrons from other atoms.

Many free radicals we encounter are from pollution. Our modern world is teeming with free radicals. They roam our city streets, hunting for electrons to steal. When free radicals meet with your skin, they go straight for your healthy atoms, to steal your electrons. This is oxidation.

Free Radicals Make Your Skin Look Older Through Oxidation

Think of an apple you've chopped up and forgotten about. Within minutes, the fresh bright apple will fade to brown. What we are witnessing here are free radicals in action. The process on your skin is the same as the browning on the apple. The free radicals wear away at your skin's structure, affecting your cell's ability to regenerate. On the surface, it shows as discolouration, sagging, fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation – making your skin look older. But don't stress, nature has blessed us with a natural protector. Thank you, Mother Nature!

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Antioxidants – The Natural Answer To Free Radicals

This isn't the first time you've heard of antioxidants and it certainly won't be the last. But have you ever wondered how they actually work? Let's find out.

Antioxidants are molecules that help defend your cells, including skin cells, from damage. They fight free radicals inside your body to promote healthy skin regeneration. Antioxidants stop the free radicals from messing with your cells by giving them one of their own electrons. They give your skin life and slow down premature ageing. Pretty awesome, right?

Whilst your body does have a natural supply of antioxidants, your natural supply needs to be supported by antioxidants in your diet. This is one of the reasons why what you eat is so crucial to your skin's health and appearance. But fitting all these active antioxidant ingredients into your diet is easier said than done. Isn't it?

10 Active Antioxidants. 1 Drink. Anti-G-Ox.

We’ve produced a super convenient ingestible to tackle this dilemma. It’s called Anti-G-Ox.

Take the stress out of upping your antioxidant intake, and simply enjoy our award winning formula Anti-G-Ox on the tongue or in a glass of water to prime skin for the day ahead. Free radicals won't stand a chance against the ten active ingredients within our antioxidant supplement, Anti-G-Ox. We know that because our active ingredients – Vitamin C, zinc, niacinamide, Kakadu plum and more ­– are all proven to defend against the age-accelerating factors we experience every day – sun, stress, pollution, sleep, diet, radiation and climate.

So, now you know what the big deal is with free radicals and exactly how to fight them – Anti-G-Ox. Here's to keeping premature signs of aging at bay and having one less thing to stress about each day!