Upgrade Your Inner Beauty Routine With Vitamin C

Upgrade Your Inner Beauty Routine With Vitamin C

Upgrade Your Inner Beauty Routine With Vitamin C

Get to know collagen's beauty-boosting sidekick.

It’s no secret that we, at Vida Glow, love marine collagen. You could even say we’re obsessed with the beauty-boosting ingredient. But if we had to choose our second favourite ingredient, it would probably have to be Vitamin C!

That’s because the antioxidant-rich super vitamin for hair, skin and nails is an essential component of collagen, assists in collagen synthesis and even increases ingested collagen absorption. Vitamin C’s antioxidant properties also prevent and reduce the damaging effects of free radicals, which accelerate ageing, cause uneven skin tone and texture as well as break down collagen.

The vitamin targets pigmentation, brightens skin and helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin C increases the formation of elastin, which thickens, protects, and heals skin cells. In hair and nails, Vitamin C promotes growth and improves overall health.

According to Australian guidelines, women should get 45 mg of Vitamin C a day. Yet research shows that getting more can increase blood antioxidants levels by about 30%, which boosts the body’s ability to fight free radical damage. As a water-soluble vitamin, it’s also essential to get plenty of Vitamin C each day as the body doesn’t store it.

How to get radiantly healthy hair, skin and nails with Vitamin C

Lower Your (Oxidative) Stress

Free radicals are actually produced by the body to target infections. Normally, those free radicals are kept in check by antioxidants, but that delicate balance can be thrown off when the body is exposed to free radicals in the environment.

If free radicals overwhelm the body and overpower antioxidants, oxidative stress occurs, which is when free radicals begin damaging tissue, DNA and proteins in the body. The body uses its supply of antioxidants like Vitamin C to combat oxidative stress that causes collagen breakdown and premature ageing.

To be sure Vitamin C is being used to not just protect collagen but effectively create new, healthy collagen, it’s important to reduce your intake of free radicals from alcohol, highly processed and fried foods. It’s also essential to reduce your exposure to radiation, pollution, pesticides and smoke.

A Winning Combination

Our unflavoured Original Marine Collagen is technically the strongest in the range as it contains 100% marine collagen. However, most flavours in the range were carefully formulated with whole foods that are naturally rich sources of Vitamin C, so they’re just as effective. In fact, depending on the flavour, just one sachet can contain up to 25% of your daily value of Vitamin C.

Including Vida Glow’s flavoured Marine Collagen in your daily routine will help boost your Vitamin C intake to enhance collagen absorption and boost the body’s defences against oxidative stress for plumper, brighter skin, healthier hair and stronger nails.

Rethink Your Vitamin C Source

Whilst oranges are the go-to food for Vitamin C, it pales in comparison to the Vitamin C content in other foods. If you really want to boost your intake, try incorporating foods like Kakadu Plum, yellow capsicum and thyme into your diet.

Kakadu Plum is a native Australian superfood. Not only does it contain 100 times more Vitamin C than oranges, but it’s actually the richest known source of Vitamin C, containing 530% of the daily value. Yellow capsicum is another potent source with 152% of the recommended daily value in half a cup. For an added Vitamin C boost, fresh thyme contains 50% of the daily value for Vitamin C in just one ounce.

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