Dr Ewoma Ukeleghe

Medical & Cosmetic Doctor

Dr Ewoma Ukeleghe

A rising authority in skin care, Dr Ewoma Ukeleghe is an award-winning UK Medical & Cosmetic Doctor. Following five years of study at the prestigious University of Liverpool Medical School and a further two years of foundation training in the NHS, Dr Ewoma embraced her passions, turning to cosmetic medicine.

Since founding her SKNDOCTOR clinic, Dr Ewoma has honed her personalised practice and natural aesthetic. Her refreshing approach has made her one of the industry’s most respected new experts – and one of the most sought-after appointments in London.

Proving her science-backed approach to skin care and cosmetic enhancements is truly unique, Dr Ewoma has garnered a collection of prestige press contributions – including a column in Women’s Health UK and was awarded Best Cosmetic Doctor in the Marie Claire UK Skin Awards 2020. Dr Ewoma’s eye for efficacious formulas and visible results has also seen her entrusted as a judge of the Asos Beauty Awards 2020 and Glamour Beauty Powder List 2020.

 “I truly believe in the science of healing the skin from the inside out. It is a facet of skincare that is often overlooked and minimised. However, it's the only way to get long-lasting results.”

– Dr Ewoma Ukeleghe

Dr Ewoma’s eponymous Instagram and SKN DOCTOR social platforms are dedicated to breaking-down her in-clinic treatments, buzzy new ingredients and the science behind skincare trends. From preventative botox to ‘ageing backwards’ and ingestible beauty, Dr Ewoma joins her clinical expertise with a relatable, conversational tone – leaving no question unanswered or skin concern unsolved. And with unmatched transparency behind her own cosmetic enhancements – and what to expect from skincare and injectables in general – Dr Ewoma has built a loyal and trusting community of emerging skin aficionados.

In 2021, Dr Ewoma Ukeleghe joined Vida Glow’s Skin Professional Panel – bringing her holistic understanding of skin and health to clinically backed ingestible beauty solutions and modern skin concerns.

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