• Vida Glow Original Marine Collagen
  • Vida Glow Original Marine Collagen
  • Vida Glow Original Marine Collagen
  • Vida Glow Original Marine Collagen

Original Marine Collagen

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Collagen is a protein that acts as the glue that holds our bodies together. Collagen is the second most abundant substance in our body behind water and is the building block of our tissues. Collagen makes up 75% of our skin, over 90% of our ligaments and tendons and 35% of our bones. Other structures that are primarily made of collagen are our hair, nails and cartilage.

In our mid-twenties, our collagen production begins to decrease at a rate of 2% a year and by our 50’s we’ve lost over half the amount of collagen in our bodies! This is what is known as the ageing process and is most noticeable in our skin and hair, whether it’s wrinkles, sagging skin, finer hair or grey hair.

Natural supplementation through Vida Glow increases the body’s collagen levels as well as the production of this super protein.

Our Original Vida Glow marine collagen remains the favourite in our Collagen range as it’s the most convenient to include into your daily diet with the majority of our customers reporting no taste or smell, making it ideal to stir into any food or drinks. Our Original blend is the perfect addition to coffee, tea or plain water. If you have more sensitive taste buds* we would recommend trying one of our flavoured marine collagen options.

      Our Original Vida Glow is all natural pure marine collagen, derived from the skin of ocean fish, containing no wheat, gluten, sugar, additives, preservatives or flavours. Vida Glow only uses low molecule weight hydrolysed collagen, which is highly bioavailable and holds an absorption rate above 90%. Our marine collagen is free from any heavy metals, toxins or pollution.

      As our Original Vida Glow has no other additives or flavouring, it contains the highest quantity of collagen per serve out of our range.

      * The majority of our customers report no taste or odour, however, those with more sensitive taste buds have reported a slight marine flavour when taken in water only. We recommend our flavoured collagen products if you have sensitive taste buds.


      Skin benefits:

      • Increases skin hydration by up to 91%
      • Anti-Ageing
      • Improves skin elasticity and firmness
      • Improves sun damaged skin
      • Heals skin inflammation

      *Click here to read scientific studies on skin benefits   

      Nail benefits:

      • Improves nail quality
      • Maintains nail health
      • Strengthens nail structure
      • Corrects damaged nails
      • Promotes nail growth

      *Click here to read scientific studies on nail benefits   

      Hair benefits:

      • Promotes hair elongation
      • Assists hair regeneration
      • Improves hair appearance
      • Improves hair health
      • Strengthens hair follicles

      *Click here to read scientific studies on hair benefits

      How to enjoy

      Quantity 1 

      Perfect for those who are after a natural boost to their body’s collagen production and want to get a step ahead in maintaining their healthy hair, skin and nails. ­

      Take 1 sachet a day, either in the morning or in the evening.

      Quantity 2

      Aimed at those with the first signs of fine lines and wrinkles, weak nails and fine hair. Enjoy more youthful-looking, clear and smooth skin – as well as added volume and shine to your hair and strengthening of splitting nails.

      Take 2 sachets a day, one in the morning and one in the evening.

      Quantity 3 

      This is our Beauty Overhaul Package, for those with wrinkles, very fine hair, a dull complexion and brittle nails. Very popular with Brides or anyone who is looking for a real ‘pick me up’ ahead of a special event.

      Take 3 sachets a day, one in the morning, one at lunch, and one in the evening.

      Beauty Advice

      Blend 1 sachet at a time into your morning cereal, porridge, water, juice, or food/beverage of choice.

      Remember to keep Vida Glow in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight, and moisture.


      Contains no artificial flavours, preservatives or other additives.

      • Natural Marine Collagen

      Nutritional Profile

      Qty / Serving

      Qty / 100g







      Fat, total Saturated

      less than 1g

      less than 1g


      less than 1g

      less than 1g


      less than 1g

      less than 1g





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