Is your hair fine, thinning or damaged?

Is your hair fine, thinning or damaged?

Is your hair fine, thinning or damaged?

We’re deeply connected to our hair. And when it isn’t looking or feeling its best, we start to feel lacklustre too. 

So if you want to restore your hair to its former glory, delve deep into our break-down of common hair concerns and trusted treatments for damaged and thinning hair.

This is our complete guide to reviving your hair, inside and out.

What is healthy hair?

Healthy hair is thick, voluminous, lustrous and resilient. It’s naturally full, with minimal breakage and few split ends. But with our modern hair habits, healthy hair feels almost out of reach. And from our genes to lifestyles and haircare routines, there’s a range of factors that influence the strength, length and thickness of our hair 

What is fine hair?

Fine hair is strands of hair that are fine in diameter. You might have a full head of hair, but fine strands generally lack volume and are prone to knots and breakage.  

How can I add volume to fine hair?

To add volume to fine hair, optimise your hair from the root up.  

Start your haircare routine below the scalp with a targeted supplement like Hairology. In one daily capsule, Hairology delivers hair-boosting actives to hair follicles. By supporting healthy hair and its growth, actives bladderwrack, zinc, selenium and biotin help to maintain hair thickness and strength. So as heathy new hair grows out of the scalp, your hair will start to feel thicker too.  

In the meantime, try adding body and movement to fine hair with a volumizing spray, light mousse or a spritz of dry shampoo.  

What is thinning hair?

Thinning hair is when the overall thickness of our hair decreases. And it can occur in two ways – as hair loss or as thinning ends.

Thinning hair from hair loss is often experienced as a widening part particularly towards the front of the scalp – in women. Or if you colour, heat-style or wear hair in a tight, slicked-backed bun, it might start thinning from the mid-lengths and ends as damaged hair breaks.

How can I prevent hair loss and thicken my hair? 

If you’re experiencing hair loss, Hairology is formulated with powerful active, AnaGain. This pea sprout extract is clinically studied to reduce hair loss by 34% in 28 days. In just a few weeks our community report losing less hair than before, and thicker, stronger hair. 

What is damaged hair?

Damaged hair is dry, brittle and dull. And it’s often accompanied by tiny breaks and tangled, split ends. This happens when the bonds that give our hair their structure, strength and smooth surface are weakened by heat-styling, colour or harsh haircare products. Eventually these bonds break, creating damaged hair.  

Can I repair dry, brittle hair?

To maximise your hair health, invest in a strengthening hair supplement like Hairology. With healing mineral zinc and essential b-vitamin keratin, Hairology’s formula gives hair follicles what they need to grow and support keratin production. By improving hair below the scalp as it starts to grow, new hair emerges strong and elastic. And hair’s overall condition improves in as soon as eight weeks too.  

In the shower, try adding a weekly repairing mask to your haircare routine. Replenishing moisture and rebuilding the bonds of your hair will gradually restore hair health and help to maintain it too.  

Day-to-day, be sure to handle fine, curly or ageing hair with care. Invest in a silk pillowcase and quality brush or comb to avoid pulling at fragile hair. And try cutting down on colour treatments and heat styling. With small consistent habits, plus daily Hairology supplementation, you can minimise breakage and speed-up your hair’s recovery. 

If you’re experiencing fine, thinning or damaged hair, create a haircare routine tailored to your specific concerns. By supporting your hair thickness and strength from the inside out, you’ll achieve fast – and lasting – results.  

Think your hair might be stressed-out? Keep reading to discover the effects of stress on hair.



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