In her words: The most inspiring International Women’s Day reads

In her words: The most inspiring International Women’s Day reads

In her words: The most inspiring International Women’s Day reads

This International Women’s Day, the Vida Glow team are taking inspiration from some of the most inspiring stories of – and from - women.

With her passion for an empowering, supportive community of women, here our founder, Anna Lahey, shares her curation of the most powerful – and disruptive – books by female authors.

Whether you’re seeking career advice, creative inspiration or a captivating page-turner, this is Vida Glow’s reading guide for International Women’s Day and beyond.

What I Know for Sure, by Oprah Winfrey

Oprah is beloved for her joyous spirit and unending generosity, but few realise the pain that ignited her resilience and charm on her path to success. A collection of magazine columns under the same name, Oprah’s candid essays reflect on themes of resilience, possibility and gratitude as a guide for reclaiming yourself and the life you want to lead.

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, by Maya Angelou

A precursor to her revolutionary poem Caged Bird. Writer and poet Maya Angelou uses her autobiography series to begin to overcome her silencing racial oppression – finding healing and strength of character through her words.

Women Who Run with Wolves, by Clarissa Pinkola Estés Ph.D.

An exploration of the Wild Woman Archetype, analyst, author and poet Clarissa Pinkola Estés Ph.D. intertwines myths and her lived experiences to reframe ambition and emotion. An awakening, Estés’ storytelling reconnects women with their intuition to reclaim their strength.

Becoming, by Michelle Obama

In the President’s world, Michelle Obama shines a light on life as the First Lady. From Barack and Michelle’s early days to Pennsylvania Avenue, the memoir captures Michelle’s tenacity as she reflects on her ever-growing passion for public service and her first years in the public eye.

More Myself, by Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys’ soulful vocals capture her powerful presence – and her autobiographical exploration of self is just as emotive. As Keys’ strips back the flashing lights of her music career, she shares the childhood forces that shaped her and redefines her identity. This time, on her terms.

Untold Resilience: Stories of Courage, Survival and Love from Women who Have Gone Before, a book by Future Women

Told through the stories of 19 women, the collection gives a voice to the tragedies and triumphs of women across Australia, instilling its readers with the opportunity and growth that comes from bouncing back.

International Women's Day book recommendations

Untamed, by Glennon Doyle

In circumstances in which most stay and fight, Doyle’s captivating memoir explores the rewards of taking flight. As she learns to trust herself and feel her emotions, the author lives life to the fullest – and challenges us to do the same in the face of adversity.

Everything to Live For, by Turia Pitt

Even before the grassfire that changed her life, Turia Pitt was a fighter. Taking her vivacious spirit from ultramarathon running to her fight for survival, Turia’s story speaks to the importance of determination, positivity and the human spirit.

Roar, by Samantha Lane

These are stories of the trailblazing women of the inaugural AFL Women’s league season. A boy’s club no more, Samantha Lane captures the power and passion – the roar – of players like Daisy Pearce and Tayla Harris.

Dare to Lead, by Brené Brown

Leadership is a skill mastered by few – but Brené Brown has rewritten what it means to be a leader altogether. With curiosity and vulnerability, Dare to Lead, challenges us to be courageous, connect with our peers and act with integrity to rise above the rest.

Half the Sky, by Nicholas Kristof and Sheryln WuDunn

Inspired by the old Chinese proverb “women hold up half the sky”, this journalistic duo delivers an emotive insight into the suffering of women in Africa and Asia – and the strength born of such circumstances. An empowering collection, these true stories hero young women as they take charge and forge a new path for generations of girls to come.

Voices of Powerful Women, by Zoe Sallis

Optimistic and motivational, Sallis speaks to 40 of the world’s most inspiring women – from Maya Angelou to Marion Cotillard and Paloma Picasso – as they discuss their jagged journeys to success and their hopes for women of the future.

My Story, by Rosa Parks

After her quiet defiance against segregation on an Alabama bus, Rosa Parks sparked a wave of protests that accelerated the civil rights movement. And in her candid autobiography, we learn more of the Rosa Parks story – and the revolutionary power of simply standing strong.

The Girl Who Climbed Everest, by Sue Williams

“Nothing is impossible if you dare to dream, plan and take action.” The Girl Who Climbed Everest – Alyssa Azar – is the first Australian to climb to such heights. A seasoned adventurer by the age of 19, Azar accredits her achievements to the simple act of dreaming. And author Sue Williams pushes us to nurture our dreams and stretch our strength of will to follow in her footsteps.



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