Everything you need to know about Radiance with founder Anna Lahey

Everything you need to know about Radiance with founder Anna Lahey

Everything you need to know about Radiance with founder Anna Lahey

Pigmentation is challenging. It’s a stubborn skin concern for one in three women, creating a dark-spotted, uneven tone that zaps skin’s glow. But sometimes, even a diligent brightening skincare routine with serums, peels and lasers are no match for pigmentation.

And our founder, Anna Lahey, has experienced just that. Giving rise to Radiance – a once-daily capsule for skin tone perfection.

Here, Anna shares everything you need to know about pigmentation and the advantages of treating it from within.


What is uneven skin tone?

Anna: Uneven skin tone is a common beauty concern characterised by both skin discolouration and changes in texture. Patches of skin will appear noticeably darker than the surrounding areas, causing the complexion to look dull, aged and pigmented.

What causes dark spots and uneven skin tone?

Anna: Uneven skin tone occurs when pigment-producing cells known as melanocytes are triggered into producing excess melanin – the natural pigment that gives our skin its colour. A number of factors can trigger and increase melanin production, and most of these are present in our daily life. Environmental aggressors are the key trigger of hyperpigmentation – with stress, hormones, lack of sleep and artificial lights, sun exposure, heat and UV damage having a direct impact on our skin health.

How do you treat an uneven skin tone?

Anna: Topicals, peels and lasers are effective in treating pigmentation from a surface perspective, However, pigmentation has a tendency to return. Which is why the most effective, long-term approach is to address dark spots and their causes on a cellular level. This is why we created Radiance – a once-daily capsule that address skin tone imperfection and prevents future damage across all layer of the skin.

What is Radiance?

Anna: Looking at pigmentation as the leading cause of uneven skin tone, Radiance is a once-daily capsule targeting skin dullness and skin tone discolouration due to excess melanin production. Featuring highly bioavailable ingredients, our formulation is clinically studied to diminish melasma pigmentation, acne-induced marks, sun and age spots and brighten dark under eye circles.

How does Radiance work? 

Anna: Radiance works on a cellular level to actively reduce excess melanin production, improve microcirculation and support our natural antioxidant systems. It operates internally on different layers of the skin to address visible imperfections on the complexion and guard against future damage.

Radiance is suitable for all skin types and multiple skin tone concerns – it addresses melasma pigmentation, dark spots and skin discolouration that can occur after acne, age spots from sun exposure, and dark under eye circles.

What are the key ingredients in Radiance? 

Anna: SkinAx2™ is the hero active in Radiance. It’s a clinically studied, award-winning formulation of natural antioxidants, combining French grape seed from the Champagne region and melon extract from the south of France. SkinAx2™ is a powerful active with multiple functions. It regulates melanin synthesis for even, illuminated skin, it defends skin against oxidative stressors, discolouration and visible imperfections, and it improves microcirculation to brighten dark undereye circles.

Why is Radiance a capsule?

Anna: Molecules and actives each have individual bioavailability and sensitivities. We know for our marine collagen and Anti-G-Ox, a powder is the best mechanism for prime absorption in the body.

Radiance is different. We chose a plant-derived cellulose capsule to protect the sensitive actives of SkinAx2™ from stomach acidity. The capsule acts as a barrier. It breaks down after it passes through the stomach for a targeted release in the small intestines. This means our actives are released in the body where they can be most efficacious.

What results will I see from taking Radiance?

Anna: As with every new product we formulate, we prioritise the use of active ingredients with robust clinical results. To measure the efficacy of Radiance, we placed extensive investment into clinical trials. We made a conscious decision to conduct a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials in Mauritius, where pigmentation is a key concern for women with olive skin.

With the potent active SkinAx2™, results revealed that Radiance is clinically proven to increase luminosity by 26%, improve facial imperfections like melasma and dark marks and age and sun spots by 18%, and brighten dark circles by 12%.

Early results can be seen after just one month of daily use. Full benefits can be seen two months after taking Radiance.

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