Causes & solutions for hair thinning in women

Causes & solutions for hair thinning in women

Causes & solutions for hair thinning in women

Wondering how to stop hair thinning? You're not alone in your journey towards finding an effective solution.

Generally, humans shed between 50 and 100 single hairs per day. It’s a natural part of the hair cycle — some hairs fall out while others grow in. However, this balance can be interrupted by several internal and external factors, causing excessive shedding and loss. 

If you're think to yourself, 'why is my hair thinning?' We get it. It’s an emotional and common concern for many women, and while treatment options can typically be limited - some can be effective in supporting you and your journey to thicker, stronger hair.

What is hair thinning?

We know hair loss and hair thinning in females has many causes, and what’s triggering yours can determine the extent of its shedding. It manifest as hair that:

  • Falls out gradually or abruptly

  • Thins

  • Can regrow on its own

  • Temporary or requires treatment to regrow

  • Needs a specialists opinion to prevent permanent hair loss

Hair loss vs. hair thinning

The key difference between hair loss and hair thinning is that hair loss involves a noticeable (and often sudden) reduction in the number of hair follicles, leading to bald spots or significant patches of hair loss. On the other hand, hair thinning focuses on a gradual reduction in hair density. It often begins at the scalp’s parting line, sides, or crown with a diffuse pattern radiating outwards. Hair grows thinner and more brittle, falling out faster.

Hair thinning treatment

There are several reasons women experience hair loss, including genetics, health conditions, age, hormonal changes and stress. Meaning treatment options can vary depending on what's triggering your hair thinning. 

1. Nutrient-rich diet: By fuelling your body with the right nutrients you can help combat hair thinning. Include plenty of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and omega-3 fatty acids in your diet to support hair health.

2. Hydration is key: Keep yourself hydrated. Water is not only vital for overall well-being but also plays a crucial role in maintaining the health of your hair, particularly if your hair is thinning.

3. Mindful hair care: Be gentle with your locks and avoid excessive heat styling, tight hairstyles and harsh chemical treatments if you're struggling with hair thinning concerns

4. Hair supplements: Consider incorporating a hair supplement into your daily routine to support longer, stronger thicker hair. Vida Glow's Hairology is a targeted solution that looks directly at hair loss and hair growth. Active ingredients and hair-nourishing nutrients action at the source to reduce hair by 34% after just one month, promote hair thickness, strength and overall hair health.

How to stop hair thinning

It’s essential to recognise that hair loss and thinning among women is a lot more common than we think, and there are preventative steps you can take to foster the ultimate healthy hair growth environment to minimise shedding. 

1. Focus on scalp health: Scalp health is key to achieving thick hair that thrives. A scalp massage can increase blood circulation to the hair follicles, which assists in overall scalp condition and helps boost root strength. 

2. Use gentle, non-stripping hair products: Opt for paraben and sulfate-free and gentle hair care products. Harsh chemicals can strip your hair of its natural oils, exacerbating thinning, especially in females.

3. Stress management: Stress and anxiety can be a key factor in in hair thinning. Practicing ways to manage your stress levels - such as meditation, exercise or yoga - can be an effective female hair thinning treatment in terms of prevention. 


Your quest to healthy, voluminous hair isn't an impossible task. By understanding the causes of your hair concerns and educating yourself on how best to treat these concerns, your hair thinning concerns go from constant to a temporary beauty woe. 


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