Treating dry and dehydrated skin is an inside job. Boost skin’s moisture with ingestible hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic Complex

Hyaluronic Complex

Hyaluronic acid is a skincare fail-safe for dry, dehydrated and stressed skin. Yes, hyaluronic acid holds one thousand times its weight in water and boosts skin’s hydration – but there’s more to hyaluronic acid than its refreshing texture.

As a water-attracting molecule that’s naturally present in skin, joints and hair follicles, hyaluronic acid is essential in capturing and maintaining hydration across the body. And because half of our hyaluronic acid is found in skin, it’s also responsible for well-functioning and youthful-looking skin.

But beyond the benefits of topical hyaluronic acid, how does the hydrator perform on a cellular level?

We’ve enlisted one of our Skin Professionals, Scientist Dr Michele Squire to explain the water-attracting molecule, and how ingestible hyaluronic acid turns its benefits inwards to increase skin’s moisture levels and soothe dry skin.

The basics of hydrated skin

“Hyaluronic acid is an ingredient that we’re seeing everywhere, both in skincare and its injectable form,” explains Dr Michele Squire. “It’s a hydrophilic molecule, meaning it attracts water and helps increase skin’s water retention, which “keeps skin soft, supple and hydrated. It also functions as a supporting framework for collagen and elastin,” adds Dr Squire. By supporting skin’s health, it also “helps in wound healing and fills gaps between skin cells to keep skin feeling and looking plump.”

The chemistry behind the craze

While collagen and hyaluronic acid perform different functions, the essential molecules have one thing in common: from the age of twenty, our natural reserves and production of hyaluronic acid begin to decline. “Every day, hyaluronic acid in the skin is broken down and recycled by enzymes in the skin called hyaluronidases,” explains Dr Squire. And much like collagen, “hyaluronic acid can also be impacted by oxidative changes in the skin – these are changes that result from sun exposure, environmental pollution, stress, and from using harsh skincare ingredients and producing trauma to the skin,” Dr Squire continues.

Even though hyaluronic acid is replenished daily, the body becomes less effective at naturally supplying the molecule. As hyaluronic acid declines, skin feels dry, dehydration lines appear – and wrinkles and a rough skin texture follow.

How does ingestible hyaluronic acid soothe dry skin?

Oral supplementation with hyaluronic acid is a new innovation,” says Dr Michele Squire. When it’s ingested, “studies show hyaluronic acid is broken down by gut bacteria and then absorbed by the blood and lymphatic systems to travel around the body.” By replenishing hyaluronic acid, water is drawn into skin – plumping cells, softening fine lines and maintaining skin’s moisture barrier for healthy function.

What makes Hyaluronic Complex different to a topical serum?

An ingestible hyaluronic acid ampoule, “Hyaluronic Complex is a complete solution to dry, dehydrated, stressed skin,” shares Dr Squire.

In its convenient ingestible ampoules, think of Hyaluronic Complex as a serum to help plump skin and soften fine lines from within. And because ingestible hyaluronic acid is distributed through the bloodstream and the lymphatic system, Hyaluronic Complex has a systemic effect to rehydrate and soothe skin in as soon as two weeks.

For a supercharged formulation, Hyaluronic Complex also contains other ingredients that work synergistically to support the skin’s oxidative repair mechanism like Gotu Kola, CoQ10 and Acai Berry.

Gotu Kola is a medicinal herb, traditionally used for its anti-inflammatory properties. “In lab tests, Gotu Kola has been known to reduce the activity of skin enzymes that break down collagen and elastin,” adds Dr Squire. “It also helps reduce the activity of those hyaluronidases, the enzymes in skin that breakdown hyaluronic acid.”

As antioxidants, coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) prevents the degradation of hyaluronic acid and enhances skin’s oxidation repair mechanisms. While acai berry has been clinically studied to help reduce collagen-breakdown enzymes and assist with wound healing.

In one potent formula, Dr Michele Squire explains that “Hyaluronic Complex works on three levels – it replenishes, it stimulates and it inhibits.” By replenishing hyaluronic acid, Dr Squire explains that hyaluronic acid has been shown to stimulate skin hydration – and there’s evidence to suggest it improves wrinkles and elasticity too.

With its supporting actives, Hyaluronic Complex has protective and preventative benefits. “Hyaluronic Complex inhibits enzymes breakdown skin’s own collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid,” adds Dr Squire. “With ingredients that work synergistically, Hyaluronic Complex performs several functions: it hydrates and balances dry and dehydrated skin, soothes and softens skin, strengthens the skin barrier and promotes skin firmness and elasticity.”

Can Hyaluronic Complex be taken with Natural Marine Collagen?

Hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin collaborate to create firm and hydrated skin – so their benefits are amplified when supplemented together. To support skin’s structural collagen and elasticity, Vida Glow’s Natural Marine Collagen delivers essential amino acids and peptides to plump skin and soften deeper wrinkles from the dermis. As marine collagen supplementation creates smooth skin, Hyaluronic Complex adds an ingestible layer of lasting hydration. This internal boost of hyaluronic acid further plumps lines, relieves skin and assists elasticity.

In the Plumper Skin Duo pairing, Natural Marine Collagen and Hyaluronic Complex are formulated to be taken daily – working together to optimise ingestible skincare. Hyaluronic Complex’s best results are felt from six weeks of supplementation, and Natural Marine Collagen is clinically proven to firm and increase elastic after 12 weeks.

Can Hyaluronic Complex be swapped in and out of a routine?

Consistent, daily supplementation is most efficacious for ingestible beauty, but Hyaluronic Complex can be taken as a (relatively) quick fix too. Just like a set of topical skincare ampoules, Hyaluronic Complex can be added into skincare regimens as it’s needed – like during trans-seasonal weather shifts and travel, or during periods of stress or prolonged inflammation. By replenishing skin as its needs change, skin is hydrated and balanced across all skin types and concerns.

As an essential molecule to skin and its care, hyaluronic acid deserves pride of place in hydrating skincare regimens – for plump, dewy skin and the best of ingestible beauty.

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