Your guide to: Hair treatments for glossy, healthy hair

Your guide to: Hair treatments for glossy, healthy hair

Your guide to: Hair treatments for glossy, healthy hair

Hair is a fibre that flows and stretches, but it snaps under pressure. And our quest for beautifully coloured, smooth and voluminous hair subjects our strands to all kinds of stressors.

Under the pressures of bleaching, heat styling and modern living, hair treatments, hair loss vitamins and promoting hair growth are essential for healthy, high-shine hair.

So if you’re experiencing hair loss, thinning hair or dry and damaged strands, keep reading to discover at-home tips and hair treatments. With a consistent routine and good hair habits, your hair will start to feel like its old self in no time.

Is your hair feeling dry? Adopt a dry hair treatment

If you’re devoted to blow dries, time under the sun or dips in the ocean, your dry hair could benefit from a moisture boost. Apply a hydrating hair mask to clean, damp hair and let your strands soak it up for 15-20 minutes before a giving hair a thorough rinse. By establishing this new weekly routine, you can hydrate dry mid-lengths and ends while softening and adding shine, too.

In-between mask days, protect your hair’s moisture by smoothing on a leave-in conditioner. Gently comb the on-the-go hair treatment through damp or dry hair to revive and replenish your strands.

Looking for a hair loss treatment? Try Hairology

Hair loss is closely tied to our health, stress and lifestyle. And it can be an emotional challenge to treat. So if you’re losing more hair in the shower or in your brush, the best treatment for hair loss works from the inside out.

Hairology is Vida Glow’s targeted hair loss capsule. It’s a once-daily, vegan capsule that’s clinically studied to reduce hair loss by 34% in 28 days. For promoting hair growth, Hairology is formulated with an organic pea sprout extract, AnaGain™, plus essential vitamins, minerals and micronutrients. And as an ingestible beauty solution, the formula dissolves into the bloodstream and travels to hair follicles, where it reduces hair fall and supports a healthy hair growth cycle. With consistent supplementation, you’ll find your hair feels fuller and grows longer in a matter of weeks.

Singed your hair with hot tools? Try this damaged hair treatment

When your hair is dried-out and breaking from heat damage, refresh your haircare routine and ease off the tools. Look for a rebuilding shampoo, conditioner and mask, and try a heat protectant mist to minimise damage when you use heat on your hair.

And to achieve the best results, take your repairing routine further with Natural Marine Collagen. By stimulating collagen production as it declines with age, collagen supplementation creates an optimal environment for hair growth – and our community attest to how healthy, thick and fast-growing their hair is with just one daily sachet and consistent supplementation.

For bonus points with your hair, it’s worth learning how to air dry your strands and embrace your natural texture. Giving your hair a break every now and again – or even doing away with hot tools for good – will accelerate your hair recovery and restore your natural volume and shine sooner.

Seeking thick hair? Try a science-backed thinning hair treatment

For those of us with fine or thinning hair, look for a thinning hair treatment that promotes hair growth and supports stronger, thicker hair. Whether your hair is thinning because of hair loss, nutrient deficiencies or severe damage, Hairology is a hair loss vitamin formulated with bladderwrack, zinc and biotin. These clinically backed actives work in synergy to support healthy hair follicles, decrease thinning and assist keratin function. This means you’ll lose less hair, help minimise breakage and thicken your hair in one step.

It sounds like a counterintuitive move, but keep up with regular trims too. By compromising a little of your length and snipping off split ends, your hair will look and feel thicker immediately – and grow out thicker, too.

Want soft, shining hair? Add in a brittle hair treatment

If silken hair is your goal, reach for a nourishing hair oil. A daily application will seal and soften the hair cuticle while repairing frazzled ends. Just use a light hand to avoid weigh-downing fine hair. Another essential step in your new hair routine is gentle, regular detangling. By stroking a quality brush or wide-tooth comb through your strands every evening, you’ll redistribute natural oils and encourage your hair’s elasticity. When you wake in the morning, you’ll find your hair is soft, smooth and bouncy.

For an effective haircare routine, personalise each step with hair loss vitamins, solutions for promoting hair growth or a dry hair treatment. By adopting careful and clever styling tips you can minimise damage to your hair – and make the most of our Hair Revival Duo

Looking for more haircare tips? Discover our five steps for full, healthy hair.



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