Acne skincare 101

Acne skincare 101

Acne skincare 101

Sometimes the quest for clear, pimple-free skin starts with taking it back to the basics.

We can often feel at a loss when struggling with constant break-outs and acne symptoms. Trying any and every solution, which can mean overloading our skin with harsh products, continuously changing skin routines and often, exacerbating the condition of our skin without even realising. However, when all else fails, stripping back with a simple, less-is-more approach can be the answer your skin is after.

Acne skincare routine

An acne skincare routine is dependent on skin type, sensitivities and the severity of acne symptoms one may be struggling with. More severe cases will require expert, prescribed treatment from a doctor or dermatologist, however if you’re struggling with adult acne and have ruled out hormonal or medical causes, try the following steps to manage breakouts and help reduce their recurrence.

Acne products

Our skin is unique - so determining the right products and skin care for acne prone skin isn’t always straightforward. Below are product recommendations for each step of a pared-back, skin care routine for acne. But remember that these products aren’t for everyone, so if you aren’t entirely sure it’s best to check with a professional.


Good hygiene is crucial when it comes to acne, which means thoroughly cleansing your skin day and night to remove any dirt, oil, grime, sunscreen or makeup before starting your morning and going to bed. 

This will help reduce breakouts and prevent new blemishes from appearing. Over-cleansing and scrubbing can cause damage to your natural skin barrier, so when washing your face be sure to use a gentle cleanser. We recommend a non-drying salicylic acid cleanser that can work to penetrate deep into pores to reduce blackheads and breakouts whilst not being too aggressive on the skin.


Even if you have oily skin, hydration is essential. Moisture-depleted skin will often overcompensate by creating more oil which can clog pores and form acne. 

After cleansing, you can draw and lock in moisture by using a hyaluronic acid moisturiser or serum on damp skin. It’s great for combatting dry skin, as it is easily absorbed and can penetrate through multiple layers.


A non-negotiable with or without symptoms of acne. For some, UVA & UVB rays from the sun can increase or lead to acne. And even if the sun isn’t the underlying cause of your breakouts, its impact on skin is at large. Not only does it contribute to signs of aging and increase risk of skin cancer, but it can trigger hyperpigmentation - making post-acne marks more visible and harder to get rid of. Incorporating a broad spectrum 50+ SPF into your skin care routine is vital - and looking for products that are dermatologically tested means they can be safe for use on acne-prone skin.


Supplementation can be key in helping solve your acne woes. Alongside a curated topical routine, supplementation can work where topical products can't reach to help heal skin on a cellular level. Oral vitamin and mineral supplements such as Vitamin A, Zinc, Antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin E and probiotics are some key ingredients to look for. Additionally, targeted supplements can also work to specifically act on key acne-causing triggers. Vida Glow Clear contains a concentrated blend of vitamins, minerals and probiotics formulated to treat the three main symptoms of acne: restoring good bacteria, reducing oil (sebum) production, calming inflammation and redness. 

Skin healing is a journey, and whilst trial-and-error may be the case it’s important to remain consistent and streamlined. If skin is angry and aggravated - take it back and start with the basics of a skin care routine. Gently introduce acne-targeting topicals - one at a time - and see how your skin takes to them. Most importantly, speaking with a skin specialist can help steer you on the right track to smooth, healthy skin you can feel confident about. 


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