Acne face map: is it the truth behind what your breakouts are telling you?

Acne face map: is it the truth behind what your breakouts are telling you?

Acne face map: is it the truth behind what your breakouts are telling you?

Anyone who struggles with acne-prone skin understands the ongoing battle to find effective solutions, often with varied outcomes. And with the abundance of misleading information out there, frustration becomes more common than relief. 

We've seen it everywhere. Acne face maps telling us the 'real' triggers of our breakouts, why they appear in the same place or why they manifest so consistently. And while some aspects may hold truth, like the role our diets play in our skin health, acne face mapping is largely pseudoscience. Here's why. 

What is acne face mapping?

Acne face mapping stems from ancient Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. It draws a connection between the location of acne breakouts with underlying internal concerns. For example: your liver and digestive system are said to be tied to forehead breakouts; therefore, diet is said to be the cause. The stomach is to the cheeks what the liver is to the T-zone. While some maps label the jaw and chin as regulated by reproductive organs, stating that acne in that area is caused by hormonal imbalance. 

Acne locations and causes

Acne is a common skin condition that we’re all familiar with. Though the location of your breakouts could provide clues into the underlying health concerns causing them, causes and triggers vary depending on the individual. 

Hairline and temples

Breakouts along the hairline and temples can sometimes have specific causes. Whilst we know the triggers of our acne are unique, a common culprit can be hair products such as gels, oils and pomades that can clog pores and contribute to acne formation. Additionally, excessive sweat and oils from the scalp can transfer to these areas which could further exacerbate breakouts.


The T-Zone which includes forehead and nose is a notorious hotspot for acne as excess sebum production is common in these areas. However, it's important to note that each area within the T-Zone can indicate different underlying concerns.


    Acne on the chin is often associated with hormonal imbalances, particularly in women. Fluctuations in hormones during menstrual cycles can lead to increased sebum production and cause breakouts. Maintaining hormonal balance through a healthy lifestyle, managing stress, and consulting with a healthcare professional can help address not only chin acne concerns - but acne as a whole, wherever your breakouts live.


    The nose is notorious for being a common area where blackheads and whiteheads tend to thrive. This is because the nose has a higher concentration of sebaceous glands, which produce oil. When these glands become clogged and excess oil is produced, it can lead to the formation of pimples. 


    The cheeks can be susceptible to acne due to a variety of factors. Pimples on cheeks are usually more common in teenagers experiencing hormonal imbalances but are still very common in adults.


      Acne along the jawline is often associated with hormonal imbalances, much like chin acne. Hormonal fluctuations, particularly in women, can lead to increased sebum production and subsequently cause breakouts. 

      Acne solutions

      While there are many things we can change, like altering out lifestyle, diet and skincare routine, supplementation can be an effective, less stressful way to make sure your body is receiving the nutrients it needs to support blemish-free skin. Vida Glow's Clear is a once-daily capsule specifically formulated as a targeted solution for those struggling with acne. With consistent supplementation, symptoms of acne are reduced by 50% - making way for smoother, healthier skin you can feel confident in.

      In order to determine the best treatment route for you, it's time to ditch Dr Google and the face-mapping myths - and consult with a dermatologist or skincare professional for personalised advice tailored to your specific needs.


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