• Age Defiance Skincare

    A clinically proven anti-aging skincare routine. Age Defiance Eye Contour Cream, Rapid Renewal Serum and Hydra-Memory Cream – three streamlined, synergistic steps optimally advanced by biomarine actives to deliver firm, illuminated skin.

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    Age Defiance Rapid Renewal Serum

    Visibly reduces wrinkles within 30 minutes

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    Age Defiance Eye Contour Cream

    Reduce the appearance of wrinkles and crow’s feet

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    Age Defiance Hydra Memory Cream

    Delivers 24-hour long-lasting hydration

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    Age Defiance Discovery

    Target visible signs of epidermal ageing

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    Skin Rejuvenation Routine

    A complete solution to luminous, youthful skin

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    Youth Restoring Duo

    Firms and brightens all layers of skin

What is anti-ageing skincare?

Ageing is a natural process that begins around our mid-twenties. It’s when our body’s collagen production starts to deplete and our skin’s barrier becomes more prone to damage. Think dullness, tired eyes, fine lines and wrinkles. And while not completely avoidable, there are extrinsic factors – including stress, sun, poor diets, repetitive facial expressions and lack of sleep – that contribute to accelerated skin ageing. But it’s not all bad news. Likewise, there are preventative and protective measures that exist to combat these triggers, such as anti-ageing skincare. Anti-ageing skincare works to rejuvenate and rebuild the foundations of youthful, luminous skin by targeting visible signs of ageing on the outermost part of the complexion.

Do collagen skincare products work?

When it comes to anti-wrinkle skincare products, there’s discussion around the efficacy of topical collagen as anti-ageing, firming skincare. Due to its molecular size, topical collagen has limited ability to penetrate past the skin’s epidermis. Which is why ingestibles – like Vida Glow’s Natural Marine Collagen – are the most effective way to replenish collagen levels and restore skin barrier function. Though, that’s not to say that collagen in skincare can’t elicit tangible benefits. Vida Glow’s Age Defiance range is powered by unique trademarked elixir, Lumiséa™. A potent synergy of biomarine actives including a hydrolysed marine collagen derived from sea urchin. Sea urchins are natural innovators with a unique ability to adapt their form and collagen’s elasticity. By generating neuropeptides, known as ‘messenger molecules’, sea urchin collagen moves between relaxed and firm states. In harnessing neuropeptides, Lumiséa™ strengthens collagen fibres and encourages firmer skin.

Your best anti-aging skin care routine

Vida Glow’s Age Defiance is a clinically robust anti-ageing skin routine consisting of three synergistic steps: an anti-wrinkle eye cream, a brightening and firming skin care serum and a hydrating moisturiser. All of which work in cohesion with our natural marine collagen and daily ingestible range for a complete bidirectional regime that targets all dermal layers. Delivering 360-degree skin health from the inside out.