3 things you need to know about correcting uneven skin tone

3 things you need to know about correcting uneven skin tone

3 things you need to know about correcting uneven skin tone

If a bright, even skin tone feels like an impossible task, it shouldn’t be. Pigmentation can be challenging, but achieving real results isn’t out of reach.

Start by understanding skin’s structure and ‘bio-hack’ pigmentation from the inside and out. With the right ingestible solution, dark spots are brightened, melasma is softened, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation is diminished and dark circles are illuminated.  

These are three things you need to know to achieve an even and luminous complexion. 

1. Understand the causes of uneven skin tone

Skin is the body’s protective layer – leaving it prone to wear and tear. This is hyperpigmentation – one of the most common skin concerns to treat. 

Age and sun spots are difficult to avoid with busy, active living. They’re dark, brown spots found on sun-exposed areas of the complexion and body, and darken and spread with repeated sun exposure and age.

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) appears after inflammatory trauma to skin, like acne or eczema. Blurred, brown or pink marks form and can be sunken like a scar.

Melasma has a mask-like, shadowed effect on skin, caused by hormonal fluctuations experienced during pregnancy or hormonal birth control. It can be worsened by sun exposure and heat.

Dark undereye circles are blue-purple shadows under the eyes caused by lifestyle factors like a lack of sleep – but can also be hereditary.

2. Address pigmentation from the inside out

Peels and lasers have been go-to pigmentation treatments, but there’s a reason they fall short. Topical solutions improve superficial pigmentation on the top of the epidermis. And in most cases, pigmentation will return. Vida Glow’s Radiance goes deeper to restore an even skin tone and protect skin from future damage.

Radiance is Vida Glow’s first Advanced Repair launch and targeted skin tone treatment. As ingestible skincare, Radiance delivers skin-brightening actives to the root cause of pigmentation, across all layers of skin. Signs of pigmentation are brightened, the complexion is refreshed, and the formation of new imperfections is minimised.

Radiance is powered by SkinAx2™, a natural, award-winning antioxidant compound of Champagne grape seed and French melon extracts. With consistent supplementation in Radiance’s daily, vegan capsules, SkinAx2™ is clinically studied to:

  • Increase luminosity by 26%
  • Improve facial imperfections like melasma, blemish dark marks, age and sun spots by 18%
  • Brighten dark under-eye circles by 12%.

In eight weeks, Radiance is an ingestible solution to achieve skin tone perfection.

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3. Take a bidirectional approach for results faster

A bidirectional routine combines topical skincare with ingestible beauty, like Radiance for supercharged results.  

Adopt antioxidants – like vitamin C, zinc and carotenoids – in a multi-tasking routine to improve dark marks and support skin’s regeneration. In Radiance’s holistic formula, these actives are paired with SkinAx2™ for highly efficacious, long-term results.  

By synergistically addressing signs of pigmentation, a bidirectional skincare routine treats and prevents pigmentation, while maintaining skin’s healthy luminosity.  

When achieving an even skin tone and treating pigmentation is challenging and complicated, power-up brightening skincare regimens with an ingestible solution that starts from within.