Behind The Reformulation: Anna’s Melasma Journey

Behind The Reformulation: Anna’s Melasma Journey

Behind The Reformulation: Anna’s Melasma Journey

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We knew we could target your pigmentation concerns harder and faster - so we did.

It could sound detrimental to reformulate one of your top-selling skus, but seeing how popular Radiance has been amongst our customers shows just how in-need people are of a solution for pigmentation that isn’t invasive like laser treatments, and that works to suppress pigmentation from reoccurring – which it frequently does.

I’ve had four children and each time experienced very visible melasma pigmentation. We created our original Radiance because of my personal experiences with pigmentation. Radiance was game-changing for me, and I saw great results from it, but it did leave me wondering if we could do more, produce better and faster results. The clinical results on Radiance showed results from 12 weeks. For me, that always felt too long, and I knew it would be too long for our customers. This was the driving force behind the reformulation.

Our RND team deep-dived into new studies, and developed a powerful formulation that included our own active complex MelaTech. Early results from the new formulation are seen in as soon as 4 weeks, which is after just one bottle of Radiance+. Best results are at 12 weeks, however seeing changes in your skin after a month, can give a confidence boost that makes you feel better about your skin and know that even great results will come. Radiance was the start of my pigmentation journey, and now I am so proud to say we’ve completely taken the formula to an entire new level. I’ve been taking Radiance+ and tracking my results and I can honestly say my skin has never been better.



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Targets dark spots and stubborn signs of pigmentation