What does collagen do to your body?

What does collagen do to your body?

What does collagen do to your body?

From its cellular-level efficacy to its science-backed beauty benefits, there’s a reason collagen has fast become a modern skincare essential. A quick-acting, expert-approved supplement, here’s exactly what collagen does and how it works in your body.

How does the body produce collagen?

Collagen is the body’s most prominent protein – and the second largest substance in the body behind water. It occurs naturally in the body and provides a supportive structure, stability and strength for various connective tissues, especially within skins dermal layers. And as one of the body’s structural peptides, collagen is good for firm skin, thick hair and strong nails.

When your body produces collagen, it combines specific amino acids – the building blocks of protein – with the support of vitamin and mineral cofactors. From here, the collagen in your body is made through a process known as collagen synthesis. This process begins in cells called fibroblasts which are the cells responsible for making collagen proteins and elastin.

At what age do you start losing collagen?

Healthy collagen levels set the foundation for optimal skin health – helping to maintain its elasticity, strength and smooth texture. And though our body naturally produces collagen, as we age, this process gradually slows and signs begin to show on our skin. This process of collagen depletion usually begins around our mid-twenties. From here is when we start to notice changes in skin. Think fine lines and wrinkles, loss of elasticity, dehydration and a more dulled complexion.

However, aside from time, modern external triggers can also pose a threat to our skin. Accelerating the ageing process and causing our collagen levels to diminish quicker than expected. This can be a result of exposure to sun, stress, poor diet, and lack of sleep.

How much collagen does the body need?

If you’re wondering how much collagen to take per day to experience its clinically proven benefits – this is dependent on age and the extent of your skin concerns. Collagen dosage varies between 3 and 9 grams per day which is the equivalent of one to three sachets of Vida Glow’s Natural Marine Collagen. And if taken daily and consistently, the effects of taking collagen can be seen in weeks.

If you are new to collagen supplementation, start with one daily three-gram sachet or scoop of Natural Marine Collagen. And then you can increase your daily dose for enhanced benefits.

For those between 25-35 who want to maintain plump, hydrated skin and healthy hair and nails, take one daily serving.

Between 36-45 years of age, when the first signs of fine lines, weak nails and thinner hair appear, take two daily servings to support and slow the natural ageing process.

Over the age of 46 when a dull complexion, deeper wrinkles, very fine hair and brittle nails are seen, take three daily serves to firm, refine and strengthen.

How does collagen supplements work in the body?

Collagen supplements take effect on a cellular level, working from within to boost skin, hair and nails. When ingested, collagen supplements deliver essential amino acids to the deepest layer of skin known as the dermis. Travelling via the bloodstream to replenish collagen peptides by stimulating fresh collagen production.

Is collagen supplement effective?

When supplemented daily, collagen can soften wrinkles, plump fine lines and smooth the complexion. And the benefits are clinically proven. After 12 weeks of one daily sachet, clinical trials found 70% of women recorded a significant improvement to crow’s feet wrinkles and a 60% improvement to wrinkles around the mouth (1).

Additionally, collagen supplements also work to increase skin elasticity in 12 weeks (2). This means you’ll begin to see plump, bouncy skin that’s more resilient to the natural ageing process.

That said, our community reports seeing early collagen benefits from as soon as four weeks. Keep consistent with daily supplementation – and the efficacy will speak for itself.

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