Five tips from the VG team to help build new habits

Five tips from the VG team to help build new habits

Five tips from the VG team to help build new habits

Consistency is the unsung hero of any effective beauty or health routine and the key to building new habits that create meaningful results.

But being consistent isn’t always easy, especially with the fast-paced and everchanging pressures of modern life swaying your daily priorities. So, we tapped the Vida Glow team to share their top tips for building new habits that truly stick.

How to form new habits

Forming habits is a gradual process that thrives on simplicity and repetition. The more effortless you can make practicing your new behaviour, the more likely it will become a natural part of your daily routine.

Whether it's eating nutritious meals, practicing mindfulness, or taking your ingestibles, repetition helps you build momentum that leads to results making it easier to stay motivated. Eventually, you’ll train your mind to embrace these new behaviours as a part of your daily routine.

1. Attach it to an existing habit

Habit stacking is an easy way to remember a new behaviour by anchoring it to an existing habit you already have on lock. Think of a part of your daily routine that’s non-negotiable. Perhaps it’s your morning coffee, sitting down at your desk to start work or an evening habit. Then, set yourself up to do your new habit at the same time.

It’s a winning formula for Vida Glow founder, Anna Lahey, who ties new beauty products to brushing her teeth.

“Any new product goes with my toothbrush and skincare in the bathroom, so it becomes a seamless part of my routine.”

Anna, Founder

Bettina, Content Manager

2. Recruit technology

When you can’t rely on your memory or an existing habit to trigger your new behaviours, turn to technology. Whether it’s your smart watch, phone, or computer, setting an alarm that’s scheduled to go off at the same time every day is an effortless trick. Soon, your habit will be so engrained you don’t need the reminder.

“I set an alarm labelled with my goals on my phone that help me stick to new habits,” Bettina, Content Manager

3. Share the journey

There’s no one quite as qualified as your friends and family to keep you accountable to a new routine. From group meets ups to joining a Facebook group or starting a group chat that allows you to share tips, progress, and friendly reminders, creating habits and working toward your goals alongside others helps turn routines into rituals.

“I’ve added my friends to a beauty WhatsApp group so we’re sharing the journey and keeping each other accountable,” Natasha, Brand Manager – Innovation

Natasha, Brand Manager - Innovation

Deelan, Senior Creative

4. Make it enjoyable

We’re firm believers that your beauty, health, and wellness routine should make you feel good. Plus, it’s proven that an integral part of intrinsic motivation is enjoyment. The key is setting up your new habit in a way that’s personal to you and brings you joy. It could be as simple as a well-designed progress tracker on the wall, a beautiful diary or new cosmetic case to store your products. If you enjoy the habit, you’re more likely to stick to it.

“Keeping a beautiful carafe on my desk reminds me to drink water and get closer to my goal of 2L a day,” Deelan, Senior Creative

5. Automate replenishment

With consistency comes results. The last thing you want is for your new habits to be derailed because you’ve run out of product, or a membership has lapsed. Any step of your new habit that can be automated on a recurring basis gives you more space to focus on your new habit and get closer to your goals.

“Subscribing to my routine means it arrives on my doorstep every month and I don’t ever have to think about restocking,” Sam, Head of Sales - APAC

Sam, Head of Sales - APAC

Creating a new habit can be hard. It requires motivation over several weeks, even months, to see it stick. Implementing some of team VGs favourite tips like setting alarms, subscribing to new products and habit stacking with existing behaviours, will help you build the momentum you need to build consistent habits and create meaningful results.