(Original 270G Loose Powder)
I am loving this product! Having recently had a baby, this product assisted me in keeping my skin looking fresh while I have experienced a broken sleep. Highly recommended for new mums!
(Beauty Mind)
I'm an author and on a good day I knock out 3000 words. I tried the mind powder for the first time today and knocked out 5000! I feel so alert and focused. It's amazing!
(Marine Collagen)
I have been using Vida Glow a little over a year now and I absolutely love it! I was taking one satche per day and just recently started taking 2 per day to reap the benefits! My skin looks great, smooth and always glowing! Love Vida Glow!!
(Beauty Skin and Marine Collagen)
I love these products. The Marine Collagen powder and the Beauty Skin powder work magic. My nails have never been stronger, my hair feels thicker and it looks glossier, and skin has a beautiful glow and plumpness to it. I would highly recommend!
(Beauty Greens)
Really love the flavour and the vibrancy of this drink. I feel like my stomach feels happier, and feel like I'm able to concentrate more. I have been alternating this daily with Beauty Skin which I also recommend.