Marine Collagen Research

Vida Glow's marine collagen works from within to promote optimal collagen functioning in the body. Once ingested it passes through the lining of the stomach and is absorbed by the bloodstream, and delivered via blood vessels to the collagen matrix below the dermis. Here it stimulates fibroblast proliferation, thereby increasing the body's natural production of collagen.

By consuming hydrolysed collagen, you are increasing the intake of amino acids that produce collagen. Ingesting marine collagen also activates the receptors in the inner layers of the skin which are responsible for hyaluronic acid production. 

Vida Glow's marine collagen targets skin ageing by increasing collagen levels and reducing the symptoms of skin damaged by stressors such as: toxins, poor diets, excess heat or air conditioning and lack of sleep. Numerous scientific and clinical studies have shown that marine collagen significantly increases the moisture levels of the skin, with one such study noting that skin hydration increased up to 91%.

As a result, marine collagen supplementation through Vida Glow, provides an array of benefits to hair, skin and nails. Please visit our BENEFITS page to find out more.

Listed below are Scientific and Clinical Studies on marine collagen supplementation and the results achieved for hair, skin and nails.