So what is all the 'beauty from within' fuss about?

Beauty from within is on trend, and if you don’t know that then you’re living under a rock!

There’s superfood blends, energy teas, glow elixirs and even charcoal powders.

But where do you start and how do you know what works? 

If you’re thinking of beginning your “beauty from within” journey, then we suggest picking one and sticking to it – so you can measure the results and know which one works. But…. Which one?

Here's what we know about using Collagen 

Collagen is the MOST abundant protein in the human body, and the second largest substance in the body behind water. What this means is that it’s naturally occurring, our bodies actually produce it for our benefit. Well… that is up until about 25. Then it begins to decline, in the process known as ageing.

Supplementation with natural collagen can help us turn back the clock and give us a boost in the essential amino acids necessary for optimum wellness.

Beautiful skin on the outside needs a healthy foundation on the inside. Collagen peptides, such as Vida Glow marine collagen, can significantly improve skin. Vida Glow marine collagen is highly bioavailable and effective in delivering specific benefits to skin tissue.

Let’s explore the benefits of collagen supplementation on: 


Collagen is the main structural element of the skin, it’s responsible for its characteristic properties, such as firmness and tonicity. Collagen’s role is to maintain the structure and resistance of the skin, creating a network which anchors the layers of the skin and forms a support base for components such as elastin, to maintain skin elasticity and hyaluronic acid to lock in moisture.

Collagen fibres, constructed within skin cells (fibroblasts), are responsible for the maintenance and resistance of the skin.

The presence of collagen peptides regulates the activity of fibroblasts in the skin and stimulates production of both collagen and hyaluronic acid, which is important for skin hydration.


From the age of 30, fibroblasts activity starts to slow down, leading to a loss of collagen density and the beginning of the visible signs of ageing such as wrinkles, dehydration and loss of firmness. As we age, the production of new collagen fibres declines as the collagen synthesis by fibroblasts decreases. Collagen is also hindered by its own ageing process. With age, collagen becomes more cross-linked and fragmented. This makes the skin tougher and limits the protein’s ability to bind large quantities of water, making the skin appear dry.

Marine collagen supplementation can counteract the affects of ageing and promote a more youthful appearance by supplying a boost and a restructuring effect on the skins collagen network from within.  Smooth, firm and younger – looking skin requires optimum levels of well-organised collagen fibres to ensure it retains elasticity, firmness plus its moisture – binding capacity.


As collagen levels naturally decrease in our bodies, the quality of our hair begins to be affected, mix that in with poor diets, toxins, GHD’s, blow-drying, curling wands, colouring and stress and our hair really takes a blow. A daily collagen supplement such as Vida Glow has been shown to support the body’s hair building proteins, leading to longer and thicker hair. Collagen is very effective in treating dry brittle hair by repairing and sometimes even reversing spilt ends by providing healthy moisture levels within the hair fibres.

Collagen can also assist in hair growth, because as an antioxidant it fights off free radicals that can affect your hair's texture, growth and thickness. Restoring collagen in the hair shaft can not only improve hair growth, but also strengthen hair and increase the diameter of individual hairs, giving your hair an overall fuller appearance.


Struggling with weak and brittle nails? Do your nails just not grow? Have you put your nails under added pressure of acrylics and shellac? If you’ve answered yes to any or all of these, then collagen is the answer.  The good news is that Vida Glow customers usually report their nails strengthening as one of the first visible results they see. Restoring collagen levels in the body will encourage healthier, stronger and fast growing nails, repairing weak nails. 


The under layer of our skin is 95% collagen; cellulite is basically caused by a breakdown in collagen fibers in the skin. This allows fatty tissue to push upwards through the gaps into the upper layer of skin (the epidermis). We need to stop the collagen breaking down and keep giving the body the ingredients to make new collagen (Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Iron, Manganese, Copper, Zinc, Amino acids, Silica) by eating a well balanced diet. Using firming cellulite creams will not work and can actually add to the break down in collagen with ingredients such as parabens and mineral oils. These and other chemicals in creams absorb through to our bloodstream and can mimic hormones, playing havoc with our endocrine system and congesting our liver.

Structural changes in the skin’s tissues, including weakened collagen and elastin fibers, make cellulite more apparent because the skin becomes thinner and less able to conceal the irregularities below the surface. These changes can occur from hormonal imbalances, ageing and even dehydration.

As the lack and breakdown of collagen is a major cause into why cellulite appears, taking a daily (natural) collagen supplement will help to strengthen the collagen fibers under the skin. This will assist in smoothing out the skin and diminishing the appearance of cellulite. Vida Glow promotes your body to rebuild and repair the fibres that cause cellulite to appear. 


Vida Glow stimulates the production of the protein molecules from which collagen is formed. Aside from the benefits listed above, it’s also helpful in tightening loose skin after weight loss, decreasing the inflammatory response, and promoting tissue healing.

And… assisting in weightloss.

One of the side effects of taking marine collagen is decreased appetite. Hydrolysed collagen has a very satiating effect: appetite suppressing, thereby promoting weight loss. Adding collagen to your daily diet promotes appetite control. Adding 6 – 9g of collagen protein to your juices, smoothies or shakes daily not only suppresses appetite, but also provides highly usable protein for the body’s many needs. 


Collagen plays an important role in the building and support of joints, and it may help reduce the discomfort associated with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. A study published in the 2013 edition of the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition examined the effects of collagen supplementation on 55 healthy participants with joint pain caused by physical activity.

So with all these worthy benefits, why not try out Vida Glow marine collagen!