What is Collagen?

Collagen is the most abundant protein and the second largest substance (behind water) in the human body. Until our mid - twenties, our bodies naturally produce collagen. As this production slows and eventually ceases, we begin to see the effects of ageing. Replenishing collagen levels will help benefit the building blocks that maintain our hair, skin and nails.

Marine Collagen

Vida Glow's marine collagen is a fibrous protein extracted from the scales of Deep Sea Red Snapper, sustainably sourced from the Pacific Ocean waters of Australasia.

Marine collagen is usually derived from fish and can be extracted from the scales or skin; Vida Glow uses the scales as it is richer in nutrients and collagen protein. Japanese women have used marine collagen as a secret weapon for youthful radiance for many years, and the scientific studies highlighting the benefits are plentiful.

Marine collagen works from within to promote optimal collagen function within the body, by delivering essential micronutrients to the collagen matrix below the dermis. Vida Glow's marine collagen is a low molecular weight collagen peptide powder, which is highly bioavailable, with a high absorption rate above 90%. Whereas, pills and tablets average from 20 - 30% and can take up to 40 minutes for the body to breakdown.

Vida Glow's marine collagen is incredibly convenient to include into your day. Simply leave some sachets at your desk, carry them in your handbag, stir a serving in your morning coffee or tea, or include it into your favourite food or drink.

Our collagen blends well into foods such as porridge, yoghurt, soup or drinks such as smoothies, shakes, juices or water and is also heat stable.

How does it work?

Once Vida Glow's marine collagen is ingested, it passes through the lining of the stomach and is absorbed by the bloodstream and distributed by blood vessels, to the dermis, the deeper layer of the skin. Here it stimulates fibroblasts, the cells responsible for collagen proliferation, thereby increasing the body's collagen levels and also its natural production of collagen. Our hydrolysed marine collagen peptides are rich in essential and non essential amino acids, which help produce collagen in the body.

The Vida Glow Difference

At Vida Glow we are committed to quality. We are an Australian company, and every batch of our blends are quality and safety tested by an independent NATA accredited laboratory in Sydney, Australia.

We offer the highest grading form of pure marine collagen available. All our tests confirm that Vida Glow is 100% fit for human consumption and free from heavy metals (i.e mercury), toxins and pollution.

Being a natural product our Original Vida Glow marine collagen contains no artificial flavours, colours, additives or preservatives. It is also free from wheat, gluten, allergens, soy, lactose, dairy, sugar, carbohydrates and fat.

Our flavoured Vida Glow marine collagen powders contain natural fruit flavours and come with the added goodness of vitamins for an extra dose of antioxidants.