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The ingestible beauty routine that can transform your skin

One of the ultimate ways to enhance your skin, hair and nails is to nourish them from within. By adding ingestible collagen to your daily beauty routine, you’ll help slow the natural ageing process we all face. That’s why we made marine collagen peptides the core of our ingestible beauty range. Our premium ingredients make it simple to achieve brighter skin, thicker hair and stronger nails.

Kick-start your new beauty routine with Vida Glow’s Marine Collagen powder range. For beautiful, glowing skin all the time, our original and flavoured formulations contain type 1 and type 3 collagen. Topping up your collagen levels has never been so easy – it’s as simple as adding a sachet of our collagen powder to your morning latte.

For beauties after a supercharged regimen, our Anti-G-Ox is the solution. Containing 10 active ingredients including Vitamin C, Magnesium and biotin, our supplement steps in when daily environmental aggressors hit out. This powerful combo is the answer to maintaining smoother, youthful skin.

In need of a quick beauty fix? Collagen Elixir is your go-to with a concentrated dose of activated collagen peptides. Whether it’s your wedding day or a first date, Collagen Elixir is the perfect way to address dull-looking skin in a hurry.

Start your new beauty routine now.