Yasmin Suteja Shares the Routine That Fuels Her Skin and Creativity

Introducing The Glow Series – where we talk to real people about the beautiful intricacies of life and how they stay glowing through it all.

This week, we’re sharing an insight into the life of Yasmin Suteja, a Sydney-born and Bali-raised photographer, director, producer and overall creative disruptor. As the founder and director of Culture Machine, a Sydney-based creative and talent agency focused on discovering and fostering ‘new-gen’ creatives, Yasmin shares her journey and expresses the diversity and multi-narrative landscape of Australian youth culture.

In Volume 1 of The Glow Series, Yasmin reveals the routine that cultivates her creativity and allows her to live brilliantly.

What is your passion?

My passion is telling stories and sharing experiences. I think at the core of everything I do is an enthusiasm and excitement for shared experiences and collective effort.

Yasmin Suteja | The Glow Series

What drew you to this and what is the most gratifying part?

My love of people and stories drew me to photography and filmmaking. The most gratifying part of what I do is being able to connect with people.

What is your ingestible routine?

I start every morning with lemon water to clear my gut and start fresh. I will then take vitamins and supplements. Fish Oil is a really important one for me with its anti-inflammatory properties. I also take magnesium to manage stress and PMS. And Zinc which is great for healthy hair, skin and nails. And for immune, I take an echinacea, garlic and zinc combination as well as Vitamin C.

How has your ingestible beauty routine transformed the way you look or feel?

My ingestive beauty routine has helped me manage breakouts. Zinc has been great for hair growth and keeping my nails strong and healthy. Magnesium is important for managing stress, which in turn leads to a brighter and more revitalised complexion.

How do you keep your skin glowing?

I keep my hair and skin glowing by making sure I drink enough water and get enough sleep (the latter is harder!). I’m also very diligent with my skincare routine - I use a cleanser, tone and moisturiser every day and every night.

Has your attitude towards beauty changed over time?

Absolutely. With age, I definitely learned that beauty comes from the inside out. They say “you are what you eat” and this is so true. I started really taking care of what I was eating, and making sure my body was getting the right nutrients and as I healed the inside, it started radiating on the outside. I think this is also true of your energy and the attitude you put out to other people. Things like stress, lack of sleep and busy schedules can have a huge impact on both the way we look and feel.

Culture Machine - Instagram

What do you do to stay at your best?

I juggle many roles on a daily basis and am a generally very anxious person. I manage this by allocating time for myself to unwind. To just sit and be with my thoughts, listen to music, enjoy time with friends and family. How do you approach accomplishing a goal? I like to break my bigger goals down into smaller achievable goals. I think there’s an analogy to climbing a mountain, and it’s not about looking at the apex, but looking at the next rock in front of you. And once you've dealt with those smaller rocks, you’ll begin to realise you’re closer to the top.

What’s your top beauty secret?

My top beauty secret is moisturising! I used to try and dry my skin out with harsh chemicals hoping to avoid and cure breakouts but then realised this was doing the opposite. I think another hot tip is to be kind to your skin. We often treat our skin quite aggressively with excessive chemicals and treatments. Keep it simple.

What makes you feel most empowered?

I feel the most empowered when I’m in a team and we’re working towards a common goal together. 



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