Protein | The Foundation Of Beauty

Protein is absolutely essential for us as humans which is why health experts rave about it so much. It is the building blocks of life helping with a variety of tasks in the body including muscle repair, brain function, hormonal balance and energy levels. Without it, your body would struggle to function properly.

For example, amino acids which make up proteins help with healing wounds and repairing muscle tissue which is essential for post recovery maintenance after the gym or injured skin.

Our hair, skin and nails are also made of protein and is what keeps it looking beautiful, strong and healthy. We like to call it the foundation to beauty. A body which is lacking in protein will show signs in many different ways.

Loss of Hair Volume

Your hair is primarily made up of proteins keratin and collagen. Inadequate amounts of protein will result in thinning and weak hair.


Like hair, nails need protein to grow and to be strong. When you don’t get enough protein, your body determines that your nails are“non-essential” which leads to them cracking and breaking.

Dry Looking Skin

Protein contains essential omegas which help to lock in moisture within your skin. When you lack this, your skin will become dry, causing it to thin and crack.


Your body will work harder to do tasks that require protein, which is why you may find yourself tired when you lack protein from your diet.

Poor Muscle Toning

Your muscles are where you will find most of the protein in your body.. When you don’t eat enough protein, your body will turn to your muscle fibres, breaking them down to supply for the rest of your body. This causes muscle depletion and in effect, decreases the tone of your muscle.

Although many of us believe that the only way to obtain protein is from meat, some of the best proteins for hair skin and nails are in fact plant based or Marine Collagen due to the high amino acid profile they have.

Vida Glow’s Marine Collagen has been clinically proven to enhance the appearance of your hair, skin and nails. Collagen is a protein that occurs naturally in the body and allows your hair, skin, nails, bones, joints and connective tissues to be healthy and do their jobs. After the age of 25, collagen within our bodies starts to deplete which is why taking a collagen supplement will help to maintain these levels.

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