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Pregnancy Protocol

Diet tips to enhance nutritional status in pregnancy and avoid food borne illnesses.


Lifestyle tips to support fertility and pregnancy

  • Avoid exposure to BPA plastic found in plastic containers, water bottles and wraps.
  • Quit smoking and avoid passive smoking where possible.
  • Reduce stress
  • Reduce and avoid non-ionising radiation exposure where possible. Keep mobile phones out of pockets and away from reproductive organs, laptops off your lap, TV’s must not be in or near bedroom and avoid use of microwaves, ultraviolet and infrared lights and lasers.
  • Avoid X-rays, if possible.
  • Swap to natural household cleaning products. Especially avoid all oven cleaning products, mould treatments and ammonia-based products. Postpone renovations and avoid paints, paint strippers, glue and solvents.

Please ensure you have had the following preconception blood tests

  • Serum vitamin B6, red cell folate and B12
  • Iron studies
  • Vitamin D (25-OH)
  • TSH and fT4
  • Oestrone, Oestradiol, Oestriol, Progesterone, Testosterone (Day 21 of cycle)
  • FSH & LH
  • Rubella and varicella antibodies
  • Serum mercury (if indicated)

Potential toxic exposures during pregnancy

Brittany Darling

BHSc Nutritional and Herbal Medicine ATMS

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