How To Enjoy A Better Sleep

Getting a good amount of sleep every night is the key to the foundation of youth. It is the time when our bodies can repair , boost concentration and increase our energy for the day ahead. Without it, our bodies are not able to perform as well as we would like leading to bad skin, tired eyes and poor concentration.

Sometimes though, it is hard for us to always have the ‘perfect night’s sleep’.

Work can leave us feeling super stressed causing us to lose sleep which make us feel terrible the next day. Not only that, but a change in temperature, such as seasonal change can also make us restless.

Cold Winter Nights

Although winter brings in cooler, drier air (as well as warm fireplaces and cosy knits) the decrease in sunlight gives us less exposure to Vitamin D which helps with serotonin production in our bodies. Serotonin is important for our sleep cycle which is why we may find ourselves waking up in the night during winter months. Winter is also the time for nasty colds and flus , another reason to have a bad night’s sleep.

Balmy Summer Nights

The warm balmy nights we have throughout summer are yes, perfect for little summer dresses however the heat can cause us to become restless, increase our body temperature and lead to a lot of tossing and turning in the night. Being hot can prevent your body from reaching “deep sleep” which is when our skin is repaired and rejuvenated. Plus, let’s not forget all the allergies summer can bring for a bad night’s sleep including hayfever and heat rashes.

Vida Glow’s Beauty Sleep

Our bodies are dependent on enough sleep for us to be ready for the next day and our skin to be refreshed. Therefore, preparing for a good night sleep is essential.

At Vida Glow, we understand that external factors can decrease the quality of our sleep, and that sleep really is the foundation of youth. This is why we have created Beauty Sleep, an ingestible beauty powder specifically designed to help us have a better sleep. When our bodies are relaxed, as Beauty Sleep helps us do, it is easier for us to drift into “deep sleep” which is the key to beauty. Beauty Sleep has been created to let the stresses of seasonal change and work disappear with key ingredients including pea protein, magnesium, lucuma powder and valerian root, known to relax the body and improve our skin’s appearance.

Beauty Sleep is the perfect companion for bedtime, so be sure to add a scoop of it to your night time drink for a relaxing and restful night’s sleep.


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