by Vida Glow's Resident Yogi Kate Kendall  

Kate is the Co -Founder and Director at Flow Athletic

Yoga "Expert" for Body & Soul Magazine

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I have a theory around productivity and fulfillment and how human beings thrive.

I think the more we pause, the more productive we are. And the more productive we are, the more fulfilled. 

And I think fulfillment is what deeply drives every human being. 

But pausing seems counter productive, right? Wrong.

Lean in, listen up and hear me out.

Think of ‘spaces’ or what I call ‘The Space Between’ as pockets of the day to de-clutter and decompress. They’re like little moments of nothing where all of your ‘stuff’ drops and you’re left with a blank canvas – ripe with opportunity and potential to create. Essentially they provide a break for the brain and allow you to re-fuel.

So how can you create these spaces? With a little bit of structure, discipline and a sense of ease. Here are three examples that you can pepper into your day for greater productivity and fulfilment:

Morning: as soon as you wake up, drink a glass of water, wash your face and brush your teeth and then sit on the couch for five-ten minutes focusing only on the sound and rhythm of your breath. It does wonders for your sense of calm throughout the day.

Lunch time: take your lunch outside of your office or work and spend just 15 minutes really tasting and savouring your food. Eat slowly without any distraction from phones or other people.

Evening: give yourself five minutes to digest your day. Acknowledge all the great things you did and that made a difference to the people around you and acknowledge the things you could potentially improve. Be kind to yourself.

All of the above is just 30 minutes out of your day. When you compare this to how much time we spend on social media, it’s not much, right?

Small acts, huge results.